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Most frequently asked questions

You asked, I answered.....

The do's and don'ts before, during and after your appointments

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"Do I wash my hair before my appointment?"


Every artist likes to work on a clean palette. 

There are many reasons to apply hair color to a clean head of hair. With the nature of my color lines, hair must be clarified or chelated to remove any petroleum based ingredients from the hair-shaft 24 hours before application. Alcohol will break down color so no styling products please.  For Guaranteed grey coverage and accurate results please wash. For best retention of color, your hairs PH balance and strength of hair is imperative.  

Recommended shampoo:

Okay H-Tech or Purify

Simply Organic Refresh 

Recommended condition :

Re-Build Mask


    "What protocols are you following for covid safety?"

    Optional Masks and State Board regulated Sanitizing!

    Masks at this time are optional for the client. I let you decide, if you prefer I wear one, I will. Please understand because of the Organic Hair Products and toxic free environment I offer, I have a large clientele that are in cancer treatment, immune deficient and high risk. It's my responsibility to do my best to stay healthy as to not pass any illness along. Please cancel if you are feeling ill or have been exposed to any illness.

    I spend time in between each client to sanitize with Soluguard, an EPA approved plant based disinfectant, run an air purifier and try to keep an exceptionally clean studio.

    Surgical Maska

    available upon request

    Melaleuca Soluguard

    Air Purifier

      Cancel Appointment Due to Illness
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      Zero waste and sustainable lifestyle concept. Eco-friendly bathroom accessories. Handmade

      "Can you help me with my scalp and hair thinning?"


      A healthy scalp produces healthy hair. While stress, diet and hormones are the main causes of hair loss, dermatitis, eczema and hair thinning, products containing petroleum based products ingredients can be a huge factor in hair loss, dandruff and various scalp conditions. We will start with a chelation of the scalp and hair. I have an a-ray of options for exfoliation, calming treatments and take home kits. Let me teach you what to look for and what to stay away from. You will learn to read your labels and make better choices for hair growth, you and the environment.


      Sea Salt Scrubs,

      Rice Wax/Oregano,



        "Does your color contain harsh chemicals"


        All color lines and haircare I use are certified organic and sustainably resourced. While its impossible to have hair color that is completely bio-degradable, you can feel confident that I offer organic hair color that is free of Ammonia, Resorcinol and P.P.D. I have several lines I use for different situations. Once I have received your intake form, I can evaluate which products I think are best for you and your needs. All services are guaranteed with the use of products offered. 





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